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Pass Fair Care for Maryland! (HB#1169 and SB#774

No matter our zip code, all Maryland families deserve to lead healthy lives. 

Each year, Maryland’s hospitals get millions of dollars in tax breaks, which they are supposed to use on programs that make our communities healthier. But not all hospitals do.  

At the same time, many Marylanders – Black, Brown, and white – struggle to afford the healthcare our families need. Our communities also struggle to fund the services that improve our health – like public schools, safe housing, and reliable transportation.  

As the frontline caregivers and hospital workers with 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and members of Maryland’s diverse communities, we know that hospitals could do a lot to improve our health.  

That’s why, together with health advocates, public health experts, and legislators, we’re calling on Maryland’s House and Senate to pass the Fair Care for Maryland Bill.  

The Fair Care for Maryland Bill (HB#1169 and SB#774): 

  1. Creates a working group that sets minimum community benefits spending for each hospital,  
  2. Requires hospitals to clearly report their community benefits, tax exemptions, and other finances,  
  3. Makes sure that hospitals meaningfully engage communities about our health needs.

Together, we can ensure that tax-exempt hospitals in Maryland do their fair share for our care.